Friday, 1 July 2011

Fairy Tail- English Cast Declared!

Yea! Finally the creators have done it!

The show that’s having a thriving fan-base both in America & Japan, at last got some special people to dub it in English. Well, the FUNimation Entertainment today announced the leads of Fairy Tail, who will lend their voice to the English version of the animated series.

Besides Todd Haberkorn, the cast that has been assembled to do the task includes Bruce Elliot as Master Makarov, Monica Rial as Mirajane,  Cherami Leigh as Lucy Heartfillia,  Tia Ballard as Happy, Colleen Clinkenbeard as Erza Scarlet, Newton Pittman as Gray Fullbuster, R., and Christopher R. Sabat as Elf.

Phew! There is nothing to worry about! Our fave series is in safe hands!

Now something that will pile up the yelp of our joy follows one more announcement by FUNimation!

Without much ado, I will let the cat out of the bag!

Well, as per the second announcement, the fans are being provided an opportunity to check out some of the above personalities live at New York Anime festival-New York Comic Con.

Four special guests, who will enhance the grace of the event, are reported to be Haberkorn, Clinkenbeard, Leigh and Pittman. These cast members will attend the screening for the English premiere, and will also sit for panel sessions, doing the autograph signing, on the eve. Well, the reason for which this east coast’s largest anime event is being invaded by the leads of the show, accompanies the idea of promoting the Fairy Tail episodes.

So, don’t miss out on this infrequent chance!

Revealing the info further, the Anime Festival will held at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan, from Oct 13-16, as a part of Comic Con event.

In case you are not lucky enough to take advantage of this prospect, don’t worry! Fairy Tail online is always there on web to soothe your nerves!

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