Friday, 22 July 2011

Fairy Tail Now Armed With the Dragon Chain Cannon!

fairy tail
The Japanese manga series finally reaches close to its climax with the valiant Gray Fullbuster defeating Sugarboy, to get hold of the powerful Dragon Chain Cannon.

I hope you guys know what that means. The Dragon Chain Cannon is the only device that can save the beautiful town of Magnolia from destruction of unimaginable magnitude.

A download of Fairy Tail episode 89 would reveal the happiness shared by Lucy and Natsu after their victory over the evil Byro and Hughes. But, all the happiness very soon comes to an abrupt end, as the entire premises suddenly shakes up, and Byro emerges once again from the ground below.

Yes, Byro emerges in the form of an octopus and traps Coco in. Virgo had been invited by Lucy to assist her in her battle against Byro.

Virgo leaves the spot after presenting a magical whip from the Celestial Spirit World, Fleuve d'etoiles, to Lucy and wishes her luck in her battle against Byro.

In the first instance, Lucy remains puzzled regarding the actual purpose of the gift. She assumes that the gift was of no use, till she finds out that the whip has the capacity to transmit Virgo’s magical powers to Lucy.

Her repeated summons has already made Virgo weak and was draining her of her powers. Hence, she needed Lucy to take care of them.

Watch Lucy gain back her confidence and wage a battle against Byro that she just cannot afford to lose.

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