Friday, 29 July 2011

Can Extalia Be Saved By The Boy From That Time?

fairy tail
The battle is on. If there was ever a case for the protagonists to save Extalia, it is now. And why only Extalia?

Life of those from Magnolia is also in danger.

It’s a race to survival!

No matter how much the protagonists shout that they will save Fairy Tail and Extalia, it will all come down to the last moment, or rather the moment, when they will actually be facing it.

Even though Fairy Tail episode 90 may sound ironic, it’s true that the attacks could have been averted. I have read the manga, and I believe that installment 90 will closely follow the events that took place in the manga.

If that happens, you might see The Lachryma being sent back to Earthland in its original form. But that would happen only if the anime version follows the manga one. But one thing is for sure, lives of many innocents would continue to be in danger, at least in episode 90. It would be that way, unless we are extremely fortunate to experience the ‘save Extalia adventure’ in ‘The Boy From That Time’.

Well, it doesn’t look like happy times for Lily and the others.

Catch the thrilling ride, which is full of shouts, long shots, and enough action to keep you thrilled and stunned for the whole week. Lily has always been my favorite character from Fairy Tail. His extreme devotion to save Extalia and his group, has earned my deepest respect.

Even when he was banished from Extalia for saving a human, he remained calm and poised, and left the place quietly. A truly heartwarming character, Lily makes Fairy Tail a must watch. Don’t forget to watch the episode on July 30, 2011!

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