Monday, 6 June 2011

When Natsu Ventured Into Fairy Tail and Its Alternate Version, Edolas!

If the guild of Fairy Tail was the one that inspired reverence and authority, its antithetical version, Edolas, was a bit spooky!

 It is not that ghosts were dangling at every nook and corner, but it certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience for Natsu and his troupe.

If I’m not wrong, the prologue might have roused your curiosity to tune-in to Fairy Tail online and understand my viewpoint contextually.

In a bid to resolve some issues, Natsu, Wendy and Happy ventured into Edolas, where the trio was not able to gel with the changed milieu. Before any of them could have absorbed this change, they confronted Erza Knightwalker, who waged an attack.

If you watch Fairy Tail episodes, you’ll realize that this slurry of unprecedented events is on the trot, taking the entertainment quotient to an all new level.

And ‘Wow’ is the word for it!

Natsu is the man who does not give it up easily, and this time, it was Lucy’s life in danger. Dispelling all sorts of flippancy that could have crippled him, he surges ahead; releasing Lucy from captivity and giving a miss to the Royal Army.

As an ardent viewer, I was really delighted by the way Natsu proved his mettle yet again; asserting that be it this world or any for that matter, he knows how to navigate his way out of the maze.

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