Friday, 15 July 2011

The Great River of Fairy Tail!

Misunderstandings do arise, and when they arise, they come with their share of complications. While things can be settled with an exchange of words in our world, in the world of Fairy Tail, misunderstandings can bring the colliding souls to battle ground!

In the last episode, Coco got hold of the key that can give her access to Dragon Chain Cannon. She sets off with the key that can turn around the whole game for Lacrima Island and Extalia.

On her way, she stumbles on Lucy who is in the midst of a battle. Coco found herself in dither after meeting Lucy, and is in doubt whether to hand the key to Lucy or not.

But as all this mayhem was ensuing, Byro enters the scene to create a ruckus.

Amidst all this confusion, Lucy collides with Byro. The aftermath of this collision will decide the fate of the coming episodes of Fairy Tail. Would the clouds of misunderstanding clear in the next episode? Or will the matters worsen all the more?

Go through Fairy Tail episode 88 to see what unfolds after this bloody collision.

This was not the only setting where Lucy exchanged fists with somebody. The last segment saw her join Natsu and Gray, to rescue their pals and Exceeds from meeting a bad fate at the hands of Hughes, Byro and Sugarboy. The confrontation was a marvelous one, and has given the upcoming episode an edge.

The episode named, The Great River of Stars is for Pride, will be telecasted on July 16, and the speculation is that it will bring twists that will leave the audience craving for more.

So, make necessary changes in your July 16 schedule, and don’t forget to watch the episode!

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