Friday, 29 July 2011

Can Extalia Be Saved By The Boy From That Time?

fairy tail
The battle is on. If there was ever a case for the protagonists to save Extalia, it is now. And why only Extalia?

Life of those from Magnolia is also in danger.

It’s a race to survival!

No matter how much the protagonists shout that they will save Fairy Tail and Extalia, it will all come down to the last moment, or rather the moment, when they will actually be facing it.

Even though Fairy Tail episode 90 may sound ironic, it’s true that the attacks could have been averted. I have read the manga, and I believe that installment 90 will closely follow the events that took place in the manga.

If that happens, you might see The Lachryma being sent back to Earthland in its original form. But that would happen only if the anime version follows the manga one. But one thing is for sure, lives of many innocents would continue to be in danger, at least in episode 90. It would be that way, unless we are extremely fortunate to experience the ‘save Extalia adventure’ in ‘The Boy From That Time’.

Well, it doesn’t look like happy times for Lily and the others.

Catch the thrilling ride, which is full of shouts, long shots, and enough action to keep you thrilled and stunned for the whole week. Lily has always been my favorite character from Fairy Tail. His extreme devotion to save Extalia and his group, has earned my deepest respect.

Even when he was banished from Extalia for saving a human, he remained calm and poised, and left the place quietly. A truly heartwarming character, Lily makes Fairy Tail a must watch. Don’t forget to watch the episode on July 30, 2011!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Fairy Tail Now Armed With the Dragon Chain Cannon!

fairy tail
The Japanese manga series finally reaches close to its climax with the valiant Gray Fullbuster defeating Sugarboy, to get hold of the powerful Dragon Chain Cannon.

I hope you guys know what that means. The Dragon Chain Cannon is the only device that can save the beautiful town of Magnolia from destruction of unimaginable magnitude.

A download of Fairy Tail episode 89 would reveal the happiness shared by Lucy and Natsu after their victory over the evil Byro and Hughes. But, all the happiness very soon comes to an abrupt end, as the entire premises suddenly shakes up, and Byro emerges once again from the ground below.

Yes, Byro emerges in the form of an octopus and traps Coco in. Virgo had been invited by Lucy to assist her in her battle against Byro.

Virgo leaves the spot after presenting a magical whip from the Celestial Spirit World, Fleuve d'etoiles, to Lucy and wishes her luck in her battle against Byro.

In the first instance, Lucy remains puzzled regarding the actual purpose of the gift. She assumes that the gift was of no use, till she finds out that the whip has the capacity to transmit Virgo’s magical powers to Lucy.

Her repeated summons has already made Virgo weak and was draining her of her powers. Hence, she needed Lucy to take care of them.

Watch Lucy gain back her confidence and wage a battle against Byro that she just cannot afford to lose.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Great River of Fairy Tail!

Misunderstandings do arise, and when they arise, they come with their share of complications. While things can be settled with an exchange of words in our world, in the world of Fairy Tail, misunderstandings can bring the colliding souls to battle ground!

In the last episode, Coco got hold of the key that can give her access to Dragon Chain Cannon. She sets off with the key that can turn around the whole game for Lacrima Island and Extalia.

On her way, she stumbles on Lucy who is in the midst of a battle. Coco found herself in dither after meeting Lucy, and is in doubt whether to hand the key to Lucy or not.

But as all this mayhem was ensuing, Byro enters the scene to create a ruckus.

Amidst all this confusion, Lucy collides with Byro. The aftermath of this collision will decide the fate of the coming episodes of Fairy Tail. Would the clouds of misunderstanding clear in the next episode? Or will the matters worsen all the more?

Go through Fairy Tail episode 88 to see what unfolds after this bloody collision.

This was not the only setting where Lucy exchanged fists with somebody. The last segment saw her join Natsu and Gray, to rescue their pals and Exceeds from meeting a bad fate at the hands of Hughes, Byro and Sugarboy. The confrontation was a marvelous one, and has given the upcoming episode an edge.

The episode named, The Great River of Stars is for Pride, will be telecasted on July 16, and the speculation is that it will bring twists that will leave the audience craving for more.

So, make necessary changes in your July 16 schedule, and don’t forget to watch the episode!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

The New York Anime Festival welcomes the cast of Fairy Tail!

Guys, these days the team of Fairy Tail is overjoyed, and finds no limit to their excitement.

Reason being that the show has been given a new face with the signing of another voice artist. And adding more happiness and thrill to the troop of Fairy Tail is their impending participation in The New York Anime Festival.

The words that clearly depict their excitement are the words coming from their mouths-Todd, Colleen, Cherami, and Newton!

And, they are super-thrilled to present the Fairy Tail series’ premiere screening there, and that too in English!

If you wish to be a part of the NYAF, then you have enough time to pack your bags, as the festival will begin in the month of October. Watch your favorite voice actors making their presence felt at the event and feel overjoyed!

And to finalize the plan to visit the festival, which will bring under limelight anime, manga and specifically Japanese pop culture, you have not just one or two days, but four complete days. You can be a part of this Japanese culture-specific event, which will be held from 13th October to 16th October at Javits Center, in Midtown Manhattan.

But before you all get busy in making plans for visiting the festival, let me remind you to watch Fairy Tail episode 86, which will soon hit the small screens.

Unfold the latest package of entertainment, and wipe off every ounce of monotony from your mind!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Fairy Tail- English Cast Declared!

Yea! Finally the creators have done it!

The show that’s having a thriving fan-base both in America & Japan, at last got some special people to dub it in English. Well, the FUNimation Entertainment today announced the leads of Fairy Tail, who will lend their voice to the English version of the animated series.

Besides Todd Haberkorn, the cast that has been assembled to do the task includes Bruce Elliot as Master Makarov, Monica Rial as Mirajane,  Cherami Leigh as Lucy Heartfillia,  Tia Ballard as Happy, Colleen Clinkenbeard as Erza Scarlet, Newton Pittman as Gray Fullbuster, R., and Christopher R. Sabat as Elf.

Phew! There is nothing to worry about! Our fave series is in safe hands!

Now something that will pile up the yelp of our joy follows one more announcement by FUNimation!

Without much ado, I will let the cat out of the bag!

Well, as per the second announcement, the fans are being provided an opportunity to check out some of the above personalities live at New York Anime festival-New York Comic Con.

Four special guests, who will enhance the grace of the event, are reported to be Haberkorn, Clinkenbeard, Leigh and Pittman. These cast members will attend the screening for the English premiere, and will also sit for panel sessions, doing the autograph signing, on the eve. Well, the reason for which this east coast’s largest anime event is being invaded by the leads of the show, accompanies the idea of promoting the Fairy Tail episodes.

So, don’t miss out on this infrequent chance!

Revealing the info further, the Anime Festival will held at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan, from Oct 13-16, as a part of Comic Con event.

In case you are not lucky enough to take advantage of this prospect, don’t worry! Fairy Tail online is always there on web to soothe your nerves!