Thursday, 2 June 2011

Natsu Confronts Edolas, the Alternate Version of Fairy Tail!

It has been quite tough for Natsu and his team mates for a while.

At times, circumstances do throw obstacles that make one feel bogged down.

But then Natsu is no ordinary guy; he belongs to the revered Fairy Tail Guild and is a dragon slayer.

A series of baffling and inexplicable events land Natsu and his troupe, comprising Wendy and Happy, in the alternate version of Fairy Tail!

Tune-in to Fairy Tail episode 82 and catch up with Natsu, who has managed to release Lucy from captivity. But then Edolas brings forth some other challenges that endanger the very existence of Natsu and those accompanying him.

What made for an interesting watch was Natsu’s face-off with the Royal Army that culminates with Natsu and his aides’s escapade on a four-wheeled vehicle.

So Natsu did it again, and proved his mettle in the hours of grave crisis! After all, he had to salvage the pride of the guild he’s a part of. He had the liability to rescue those, who looked up to him, and were caught up in the fray unknowingly.

What helped him in his quest was the 4 wheeler that was none other than Natsu’s version in Edolas! Can you believe that! It was a surprise like never before, though Fairy Tale has a knack at springing surprises!

Gear up for more in the upcoming episode that is titled as – Welcome Home. It seems like Natsu may finally reach home!

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