Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fairy Tail & its mesmerizing characters!

This anime series has always been an enrapturing one that causes an upsurge of thoughts in your mind.
You do jostle with notions of honesty, deceit, forthrightness and desire to attain lofty goals.
Perhaps, it just strikes the right chord with you and me.

While you might have drifted again into the thoughts of the show, I was mulling over its refined characters that literally get us hooked.
If you love to watch Fairy Tail online, you’ll realize that it’s not like any regular anime series. Its plot gives everyone a reason to catch up with the show.
I’m sure, the female protagonist Lucy Heartfilia must have left an indelible mark on your minds with her usual charm.
Well, of course she was able to make a soft corner for herself in our hearts when she set off on a mission to be a part of the Fairy Tail Guild. Her courageous moves and her ability to move on despite obstacles trying to halt her, certainly call for kudos!
Another reason anime addicts go for Fairy Tail download is to experience the sensation of thrill ensued by its gripping episodes.
The next character that amuses us all is, Natsu Dragneel, the individual who always acts as the support pillar for Lucy.
And how can we forget some ancillary characters that do leave a good impression on all and sundry with their mojo!
Do I really need to name them? Well, of course I will! These include affable characters like Happy (cat) and Igneel (dragon). Moreover, we have antagonists as well like Phantom Lord, who don’t leave a single opportunity to lash out at Lucy and Natsu.
If the show is hinged on a stellar plot, then I think I can say that its characters are the underlying strength that gives hues to this canvass.

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